What and When

Welcome to Rubbish Talk.

People say that a good blogger shouldn’t tell but show instead.

I know that too, but I guess I am not a good blogger since I want to put this out just to be clear as to what Rubbish Talk is about.


Basically, I review books that I’ve read.


Like everyone else, I try my best to be as eclectic as possible when it comes to book selection, but at the end of the day I read what I feel like reading.

I am female, thereby normally I read romance, memoir, mystery, contemporary fiction, thriller, and some self-help. And also I try to read as much fantasy as I can. But I am also an old person by heart, so now and then I also peruse history and politics. Oh and not so often, comedy.

What I generally don’t read: action, business, all things related to economy, and others that I’ll add when I remember. (It’s harder to remember what you don’t do than what you do, right? )

I have a tendency to read what most people read, because I wholeheartedly trust the merit of numbers, even if there are times when it betrays me. I feel like the more people like a book, the higher chances I would do too. 


Obviously as you can tell, I am an ESL blogger.

There’s so many downsides to ESL writings, I know. Grammatical errors and vocabulary mistakes are to be expected as a part of the package.

And what’s worse is I am also not a writer. Hence in this whole blogging-reviewing-business, there are so many aspects that I don’t necessarily understand.

I know how many other reviewers out there know exactly what they’re doing, they know when a character is fully or not fully developed, they truly understand various kinds of writing-style, and they can even pinpoint when there is another way to make a book better. These are the things that I don’t have to offer.  

Well, in comparison to them, I totally look like I am punching my damn keyboards with an empty mind. I only know as far as what I like or don’t like, for instance, I like adult love, I dislike cheesy romance, I love history but distaste boring non-fictions. I can tell what’s interesting, and what is monotonous for me. I’d describe my own reviews as shallow, amateur, and probably one-dimensional. The best thing you can get from me is hopefully honesty. 

I am hoping to earn some good points with my categorizing though. I am a control freak through and through. Loving categorizing so much, my sole ambition is to ensure that my unprofessional reviews at the very least have some neat structures to them.

In fact, I take pride in my categorizing. I have been doing it for forever, and I’d like to think that I am quite good at it. And yes, I have just obnoxiously praised my worthless self.

No Rating

You won’t see any kind of rating in Rubbish Talk since I don’t do that.

I don’t fancy how rating puts too sharp a line on my opinion of a book. Sometimes I feel it’s hard and unfair to give a fixed digit on how much I love or hate a book.

Liking or disliking a book can depend on so many biased factors, like my age at the time of reading, the novelty-nature of the issue broached to me, my personal propensity concerning things, and sometimes it’s even possible that my feelings towards a book shift a bit because of the next book I read or a movie I watch. Ultimately, too many stuffs to consider, one number to put on, I just can’t do it.

I don’t have depth, and I don’t do score. What do I do actually?

For all books I review, I struggle hard to give decent summaries of them, but I am still bumbling at it, so bear with me, please.

For books that I enjoy, I highlight parts that make the books enjoyable while interspersing those with my untrained thoughts about the book. I’ll also try to include interesting facts if there’s any or if I am not too lazy to do some browsing.

For books that are painful reads, I list out things I don’t like, whilst trying my best to indicate parts where I know others might appreciate.

This way I expect to let you (if there’s any of you) be able to decide for yourself if you would enjoy a book or not without me clouding you with my precarious numbers. Not to mention those books that I have mixed feelings about! Putting a number on those pieces would send me right into a session with a shrink!


Other than reviews, I also do recapping on my blog. Again, an organizing freak here. I consider recapping as keeping an online record of what I’ve read throughout a year, and beware! I tend to do it a bit extensively.



I used to upload on Wednesdays, but this year, I’ll attempt at uploading as many posts as I can. So Wednesdays still, but hopefully more!  

I think that’s all you need to know about Rubbish Talk. See ya on my rambling posts!

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