Unhoneymooners Review


Olive Torres is currently in a series of unlucky events. She’s just gotten laid off from her job, and she hasn’t gotten any call back from interviews she went through for months now. And today, she also gets to wear a super tawdry and super green dress which presses her boobs half-out on her lucky twin, Ami’s wedding day. With her opposite luck of Olive’s, Ami’s built her wedding reception from mostly free parts, free gown, free family dresses, free buffet, and free luxurious honeymoon.

Except, the free buffet doesn’t feel like a win anymore after a food poison with a difficult name on it gets everyone at the party. Everybody, but Olive who doesn’t eat it for allergy reason, and Ethan Thomas, for some obnoxious reason. By the way, Ethan Thomas is the handsome but horrible older brother of the groom’s. And Olive despises him as much as he thinks Olive is disgusting.

As it happens, if not the bride and the groom, any two persons who can still travel have the obligation to not let the lavish and otherwise expensive honeymoon to Maui go to waste. Being the only two persons that are healthy enough to fly the day right after the wedding, Olive finally agrees to swallow her hatred for Ethan Thomas for now, and travel to Maui with him as pretended couple. She tells herself that it will be only a week, and a beautiful beach, and a luxurious spa to console her from her litany of misfortunes.

After all, in Maui, she and Ethan can go separate ways and enjoy a good time individually. At least, that’s what they plan to do.


This novel is so typical, two people who hate each other’s guts, and are trapped in an inescapable situation, where they realize that their hate of each other is only a defense mechanism for avoiding to admit their fondness of each other.

But I love typical!

I enjoyed this book tho. rough. ly. Wait, no. I enjoyed it too. roughly. I literally didn’t sleep until I finished the story. It’s not necessarily because I couldn’t predict what’s going to happen between Olive and Ethan, cause ooh, even my five yo niece had known all along. But, the romance fire that sparks now and then amidst their faux hateful bickering. Ugh, that is so classic, and romantic, and enslaving! My heart couldn’t stop pounding through reading, and that’s why I couldn’t sleep before someone fessed up his or her glaring attraction. *lol*

Among other Christina Lauren’s books and on my favorite scale, this book falls under Josh and Hazel and above Roomies. It’s light, entertaining, and definitely engaging, but, as in some other of CLo’s books, I sometimes didn’t understand the choices the male lead makes. And that was the case with this book, I wasn’t clear why Ethan chooses to behave the way he does, because I thought it was illogical, and wasn’t sure if he deserves a forgiveness.

But all things considered, this book was fun, sexy, steamy, and fun!

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