The Honey Don’t List – Review

Publication Date : March 24, 2020


Carey is one of the two personal assistants of the famous home decorator couple, The Tripps. Working for the wife, Melly, has not been easy, really. Melly’s a perfectionist bitch, who’s hard to impress. No slip, no mistake,100% of the time. But all that hard work would pay off when Carey has her very first week off for the decade. For the first time ever, she’ll finally be able to relax on her couch, enjoying her private time, reading a book probably. Or anything involving herself alone, really. Except, that’s not going to happen. As the newest update coming in, Rusty has just been caught red-handed banging a woman clearly not Melly. No one can believe that the incident has just happened hours away before the Tripps’ book tour, and above everything, it absolutely infuriates Melly. Hours clearly would not be enough time to calm her down.

According to their publicist, somebody, anybody, needs to babysit the near breakup couple, and that same somebody will have to make sure that they don’t ruin their at the peak career. So, here’s Carey, in the bus, trapped in the suffocating situation. The good news is, she’s not alone in this, for Rusty’s assistant, James, also has joined the “fun” bus. The bad news is, she hasn’t exactly been on friendly terms with him. If anything, she’s always thought him as a very uppity man who thinks he’s too good for his assistant job. Mind you, Carey is also an assistant herself, so of course, she totally takes offense to the impression! But right now, there’s really no point on continuing to judge him. She’s too tired for that, and besides, inside the coach, he’s the only person not tense enough to actually chat with. So. if they’re going to survive this journey, they will be surviving this together.

Though before she actually does anything, James accosts her first. They quickly engage in an easy talk, and for once and for real, they try to get to know each other a bit. And you know what? He turns out to be not so bad. Plus, it really doesn’t hurt that he’s actually quite nice to look at, and those delicious muscles, how could Carey have been missing them all this time? She must be blind, that’s why.


Read it, read it, read it.

The Honey-Don’t List is a helplessly romantic story with a super adorable male-protagonist. Oh my God, don’t get me wrong, I did love Carey, but James? Ugh, I loved loved loved him. I was delighted that he’s always straightforward about his feelings and well, it’s just that, in general, he’s such a lovable guy. And btw, my fondness towards the male character is a quite rare case in CLo’s books.

I am not super thrilled whenever it comes to The Tripps since they’re not exactly the most affable couple after all, being one of them is asphyxiating, while the other is just an immature imp who only has the passive-aggressive trick up to his sleeve. But that’s not important, because the non-platonic ride between two assistants itself was enough to nail me down into my seat!

One disturbing note though. I do think that this book’s focus is rather blurred. Our main lovers, Carey and James, are assistants in their universe, thus in a way they are sort of a side dish. Therefore, the novel can only tell their stories as a mirror narrative to The Tripps’. Which was a bit irritating, because I really disliked the Tripps, and there were points during my read that I wished they were completely gone. Or at least, I wished the Tripps weren’t talked about as much as they were.  

Also, another, and last bit. Beside the love story, this book also covers Carey’s journey towards independence, but instead, on that part the narrative feels rushed. Honestly, I feel like, that should have been a bigger topic to discuss than the romance cut. But this novel unequivocally falls under the romance genre, thus understandably, it puts its love bit up front, which sadly, also makes the otherwise important self-searching adventure feel a bit overshadowed.

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