This Is How It Always Is – Review

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

That morning, Claude shows up wearing something unmistakably a girl dress. He says that he wants to go to school in it. He seems sure of his wish, but Rosie is baffled. This is not the kind of things that you decide during rush hours like this. It’s something that you take time to think about. So Rosie tries the easy way first, she tells Claude to change. He refuses. Rosie tries to convince him that he should change for school, and he still can wear the dress at home. No, it’s not what he wants. He wants to wear the dress to school. Again, Rosie tries to coax him. But he’s having none of it. He throws tantrums, which is very unlike his usual self. Pause. Rosie is perplexed. It’s not so much that she won’t accept a daughter who used to be her son, but how would other people react?

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