Princess In Love Review

Publication date: March, 2002


Mia is so swamped with her life. Right now, there’s so many problems that she has to deal even if she doesn’t want to!

Recently, Mia Thermopolis has just found out that she is a princess of a small principality named Genovia. She’s also discovered that she has Grandmere, who will make sure that she learns all stuff a princess needs to learn. Plus choke her with other things, like stuffy dresses!

In the middle of the chain of a new packed schedule, and her impending first speech as a princess, Mia’s head is discordantly at someplace else. She can’t stop thinking about her boyfriend, Kenny. Not because she likes him so much, rather because of the opposite! It seems that Mia can’t hold secret the fact that she doesn’t like Kenny for much longer. She just can’t keep avoiding the warmth and intimacy Kenny has been trying to offer. At some point, she really has to let him know.

And also, she doesn’t like Kenny not because Kenny is bad. It’s just that, she likes someone else. And that someone, is her bestfriend’s big brother, Michael Moscovitz. Which makes things complicated. First thing first, she doesn’t want her bestfriend, Lily to know. And besides! Michael is probably with another girl already!


This novel is a part of Princess Diaries series which was also made a movie and a sequel with same title starring Anne Hathaway. I watched the movies when I was much younger and I enjoyed them so much, so I thought I would savour the novel just the same.

Sadly, I am way too old for this book. The story of Mia Thermopolis is very young in its characters and in its plot. And Princess Diaries is an epistolary series, meaning that it’s written in letter form, which in this case, Mia’s diary entries. I think, this should have been it’s hook. But instead, this was the one thing that was quite distracting for me. Diary entries are not supposed to be chronologically neat, hence the plot delivered comes across a bit chaotic to me. But that’s just probably my OCD speaking.

I can’t relate with Mia and her predicaments so bad that I don’t think I should say anything about this book. A younger reader would offer a much better judgment I bet. 

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