Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating – Review


Hazel Bradford is truly one of a kind. She seems never not to stumble in every situation. At the very least, conversation with not enough to no filter at all is much to be expected from her. And whenever booze is there to spice things up, she’ll even step up and do things awfully mortifying. Like that one time when she met Josh Im, and she puked on his shoes after telling him how handsome he is. Or that another time, when Josh Im found her naked, banging his roommate, in his living room.

Totally undatable. That’s what Hazel is, while Josh Im is like totally the other side of coin. He’s handsome, he has composed manner, and like Hazel says, he is the blue print of perfect. So she’s decided never to date Josh Im, cause she’ll never want to ruin him.

BUT. Ten years later, Hazel gets to meet Josh again, and embarrass herself all over again. This time round though, situation is a bit different. After his skank girlfriend cheating on him, Josh clearly needs a friend, and a whole lot of fun. Fun? that’s practically Hazel’s last name. So, they agree to hang out. Specifically, on dates. But only, not each other.     


Oh. My. God.

This book was so great, I am still teary-eyed. I didn’t expect at all to like it, because honestly, Hazel’s eccentricity was a bit too much even for me at first. But, man! Christina. Lauren. I’ll remember those names forever. Because they definitely, definitely surprised me so good!

The story was so fresh, and astonishingly original. It flowed through, or flew through? from one sequence to another so freaking smoothly, I forgot to pay attention on anything else. Shower? Forgot that. Dinner? Forgot that. Sleep? Forgot that, obviously. I was too busy to be engrossed in a brutally romantic love story. And couldn’t be bothered. Not even by my cat. Or my dogs. Nuh-uh.

Also, those series of dating-non-dating events were absolutely invigorating. They’re entertaining yet pinching my heart at the same time. Both lovers are sort of exploring their feelings towards each other while trying to date anyone else but each other. Strange but brilliant, right?

And that confession moment? Ugh! I thought I was drowning into a love dream and never to wake up ever again.

By the way, I ended up loving Hazel because it was very brave of her to stay different, even with the danger of living alone forever hovering. I loved Josh Im slightly more because he finds a way to love Hazel while letting her be completely herself. And that’s like the hardest thing in the world.

This book is for anyone with working eyes really, but if you a die-hard fan of romances, then go read it!!

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