In Five Years by Rebecca Serle – Review

Publication Date : March 10, 2020


With a ring on her finger, and wine in her hand, Dannie is not even one ounce high on her engagement night. If anything, she is sleepy. She consciously notices that there’s really nothing unexpected tonight. One thing about Dannie is that she is the farthest from a romantic, she doesn’t savor things like love, or marriage. She is a lawyer, therefore plan those things is what she does. She knew that she was going to be proposed, and she even planned her answer. Everything is just as rationally scheduled.

But then the unexpected happens.

One moment, she’s in her living room with her fiance, and the next blink, Dannie wakes up in a completely different apartment. She glances at her finger, and there it is, a different ring. Still engulfed in shock, an alien voice calls her from outside the bedroom. Seconds later, a face Dannie doesn’t recognize pairs up with the voice. What is this? Where is she? Who is that? What’s happening? And then the TV blasts the news loudly, informing Dannie that this is five years later. Immediately the questions start to pour. Is this a dream? Is she married to this unknown guy? and where is her perfectly checked five year plan? Did that go down the drain? Without her knowing?

Will she go back to her familiar reality?


In Five Years proves that love doesn’t only happen between lovers. But even between two bestfriends, love can be no less tender and amorous.

I find the fashion the book is written in, intriguing. The plot is flanked with one identical scene which is played twice from two different angles. At the beginning, when everything was opaque, and at the closing, when everything was transparent yet still murky. I am not gonna lie, there were moments where I thought the narrative wouldn’t know how to save itself, because the plot just went to the places that I couldn’t comprehend. But eventually the novel wraps itself up quite beautifully. And the thing I love about it most, because it is far from selfish. Cause it never talks about this or that person. All along, it has been about the rope in between.

I am not going to say that I loved Dannie’s adventure through the time machine, because there were few things that I didn’t particularly like about this book. For one, I honestly thought the narrative flow could be much smoother than it is. Second thing I also felt that I would have understood the situation better if I was given some perspective from Bella’s side. The character Bella has such an instrumental role in the story but was not given an independent voice, bringing up few questions about her. Nonetheless, regardless few complaints I’ve mentioned, I still did enjoy the book and that much I can attest.

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