How To Set Goals That Hype You Up


How are you? I hope everyone is well and happy.

Year 2018 is near its end and I hope you are excited about the new year.

Now is that time of the year for us to buy a new journal, how exciting, right?? and start the first and foremost page, the goal page!

You open your new journal and you surely don’t want to mess it up. You want to write down goals but you’re still not sure what to pick as your goals because one or another reason. Then I hope these four major keys can help you set goals that will get you hyped!


Focus is not just mere one point out of four, but it is the main reason why you need goals at all. In fact, it is what gives means to your life.

Focus here is your raison d’etre. Sometimes you call it passion, or dream, or vision, or anything that basically means what you want to do or to be desperately in life.

If you already know what your life passion is, then skip this and go to the next point. But some of you probably still haven’t figured out what it is that you want to do in life. You want to be a singer yet you are intensely attracted to photography. You want to be a top chef yet you love beauty stuff just as much.

First of all, it is okay to love many things in life. It is more than okay to dream as many things as you want. However, let’s face it, we don’t have all the time in the world to do everything.

Let’s say you want to run a business and you also want to be a singer at the same time. Chances are, your business won’t run, and you won’t be a singer at the end of the day. Why? Because by targeting more than one thing, you will do everything half way.

Let me explain.

To run a business, you need to do a market research, to plan on your product specifications, to establish a supply network, and many other things. To be a professional singer, you need to practice to perfect your pitch, to build your audience, perhaps even to write your own songs. You end up having too many things to do in your 24/7. You need to prioritize, so you do. You then choose to do product planning while practice singing. With this priorities, what will you end up with? A product plan without a market and manufacturing plan and a singer without audience and songs.

See the problem?  Yes, that’s why you need one dream. Don’t dream many. But dream as big as you possibly can.

But if you’re like beyond not sure how to choose between passions, ask this question to yourself. What is the one thing that you’ve never stopped doing?

Be Specific

You discover your passion. Good. Now make it specific. You want to be a singer. That’s your dream. But it’s highly likely you won’t get there in a day or a year. So break it down to a more specific goals.

Here’s some examples.

You want to have 100k followers on your musical instagram account. Or you want to have 100k listeners on your spotify account. Or you want to have 100k followers on your youtube account.

You can’t imagine being a professional singer, or you are not even sure what constitute a professional singer. But you can clearly see that 100k number on your account. And that’s why you need the small specific goals. Because they are clearer to see therefore to reach.

Break your big final goal into several specific goals. Think of the specific goals as small steps toward one big house you want to stay in.

Measurable Actions

Now you can start designing those specific goals on your journal. and don’t forget to doodle on the page too!

But you know what, even those small steps are not close-up enough for you to see everyday. That’s why you need to break those steps even smaller into direct and measurable actions.

For instance, you have put 100k followers on youtube as your yearly goal. You surely won’t get those 100k without doing anything, right? So you need to do something. And that something can be making and uploading a high quality video every week. Or it can also be practicing your singing for 6 hours everyday. Or it can be other things related to singing that you know and I don’t. Cause I am not a singer and not planning to be one any soon. 😛 

Your actions need to be self-imposed. You don’t need anyone’s help or interference to make a video each week, and you surely don’t need anyone’s presence to help you practice your singing.

These actions will help you to focus on what you can do and what you can control instead of focusing on something that you can’t control like how people react to your efforts. Having goals is important, but it is dangerous to be too caught up with something that’s out of your control. Like whether there are 100k people who are willing to follow you on a social media.

You can come back to and check your goals by the end of the year, and when that happens, you’ll know whether the actions you choose are effective.

To Avoid List

I put this as the last point. But it surely is not the least.

People often overlook what to avoid. But I suggest you don’t.

It’s vital to concentrate on the essential things that direct you to your goals. But it’s just as important to put aside every distraction that hinders you.

There are two kinds of distraction that you should remember to avoid. All the time. First kind is the petty ones, like games, tv series, and dramas, and those sort of things. You know what I mean. Second kind is the must to avoid one which is your second passion.

When you decide to pick singing over business, you don’t only need to focus on singing, you also need to focus on avoiding business with all your might. Any small thing related to business that you do will seriously delay you getting closer to be a singer.

A year is a short time yet a long time when you think about it. You will forget about your focus now and then. And that’s when to avoid list is most needed, it will constantly remind you of your dream. The dream that you choose for yourself.

Thank you for reading, and if you like it even a bit, please share, or follow, or comment, or like. But even if you do nothing, I still thank you!

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  1. I love your list of goal habits!! “You need one dream,” Accurate. I used to want to do five things. I still want to do five things. But choosing a Flagship Dream really helped me with my time management <3

  2. I’ve just read first to last of the blog. It’s more than amazing to me. Specially when you tried to answer why have to have a dream to focus on.

    Keep writing!!!

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