Girl, Stop Apologizing – Review

Publication Date : March 5, 2019

Hi, Nerdies! I am finally reading a non-fiction. It’s been awhile, so it’s certainly refreshing. The book of the day is Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis, a self-help guide that is dedicated exclusively for women. It’s basically a meticulous manual on how to manifest our goals, and it also cleverly includes how to tackle unbalanced mindset that our society has both on the inside and the outside.

When it comes to reading, I think, timing matters a lot. If you read a mystery when you’d never read one, any kind of mystery would blow your mind. But if you read a romance when you’d had enough romances to last you ten more years, you’d be picky about the love story you’re reading. Again. Time of reading speaks a great deal. This book comes to me when I’ve pretty much set in all about the things it discusses.

Yet even through saturated lenses, this book still manages to offer an interesting variance. The best thing about this book is that it is brutally, brutally honest. It is so frank that there were some anecdotes that I couldn’t help but frown upon, and thought, how could you open yourself as wide as you just did? Weren’t you thinking of the ramifications? Didn’t it make you feel extremely vulnerable? The tips and tricks is nothing new, but the honesty? Now that’s fresh.

Feel free to correct me if you disagree but I notice that when compared with our masculine fellows, we women are distinctly more expressive when we’re fired up. We don’t exactly try hard to stay composed and we just freaking show it when we’re pumped up. That right there, is the unmistakable voice of this book. Full of energy and enthusiastic.

Last but not least. The book lays out a set of very concrete instructions, so it’s easy to digest and practical enough for anyone to practice the lesson right after. Hollis really tries her best not to leave any open question hanging, making a lot of hypothetical questions and situations complete with the answers, holding a hope that within all that many scenarios, one of them would be your case. But sometimes, your weapon could turn out to be a two edged sword. Admitted by the writer, this book has a terribly pragmatic perspective. This brings many good things, but it also has a bad side to it. I felt like there are a hell lot of parts of the world that Hollis doesn’t get. Many of us are actually living far from pragmatism, myself included. We, the theoretical mortals, like to think, a lot, even –I admit— too much sometimes, we can’t always wing things, and constantly adapt our schedule as we go. But thing is, we exist and struggle to thrive as do you! So there’s gotta be a more fitting way for us to go than converting ourselves into the opposed type.


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