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Publication Date : March 28, 2017


Auburn just got out from a lawyer’s office, where she was slapped in the face by the fact that she has no money to pay him to get her out of this city. She currently lives in Dallas, and it’s the last place she wants to be. She is painfully far from her family and she never hates her life more than she does now. She is stuck with a job that she loathes, and she will do anything to get back to Portland, where she came from. For that, she needs more money for the lawyer, which means she urgently needs a second job.

Auburn is walking to her apartment while tearing up over her miserable life when she stumbles upon a sign. It reads Help Wanted. Knock to apply. What, a coincidence! She slowly takes in the building, and realizes that she passes it every day on her way between her place and her work, but she never noticed it before. Now that she’s paying a good attention on it, she sees it. Covering the windows facing the street are scraps of paper full of various handwritings. It’s confessions from anonymous people.

Auburn starts to read. A woman confesses her affair with her husband’s brother. Someone confesses his enstrangement with his children. Another person confesses about his lies. In the middle of Auburn perusing the notes, somebody from inside grabs the job sign, and then a little after it, hangs it back. Now it reads, Help Wanted. Knock to apply. DESPERATELY NEEDED!! BEAT ON THE DAMN DOOR!! Apparently, Auburn desperately needs a new job, and this somebody behind the door desperately needs an employee. What a coincidence, indeed.

“Are you here to save me?” That is his first words when the man inside sees Auburn. His name is Owen, and the odd building is his studio where he paints and exhibits his works. He direly needs an assistant for his exhibition tonight. And there’s no time to find another applicant other than the one already at the door. Therefore, Auburn is hired, and she should be happy that she gets the job. But instead, she is filled with doubts. It’s because of this outlandish tug in her heart. The man has a certain pull that gives strange effect to her heart. A feeling she’s not felt for so long. Can she allow herself to feel again?   


This is a painful story. It’s typical of Colleen Hoover to tell a tragic love story. This one is no exception. In fact, it’s probably the saddest one I’ve read.

The pace is so similar to Maybe Someday, the plot has so many twists in store, and the mysteries are revealed meticulously and patiently. And it’s another typical thing from Hoover to leave her readers perplexed by the character’s lose-lose situation. Auburn’s story is the most complex and harrowing so far in my reading history of Hoover’s books.

The antagonists are classical ones, where they are downright evil and heartless, though not without justified motivations. But most definitely, you would find it very easy to hate them. Still, this is a type of antagonists which I find rare in romances these days. You’d think these detestable people would make it easier for you to find a balance, but it surprisingly doesn’t. It actually gives the opposite effect, it adds up complexity to the story, and makes decisions much harder to make. Which is why the arcs in this one is so rich and powerful.

Confess is an account of an underage mother, who stands up for her kid, even though the situation pits her versus the world. For her age, the adults easily dismiss her as incapable of loving. It’s ultimately a beautiful story of how unconditional love a mother has for her children despite how old she is. Sometimes, your life takes a strange turn, where the system is not in favor of your way, and you need to fight extremely hard for your basic rights. It’s a distressing experience to get through, and Auburn would help you to touch all the emotions that you’re supposed to feel.

Read it?

I am trying to put a number of sentences that have left deep impression in me in this review for you to see a glimpse of how stunning this novel is. It’s packed with deep, meaningful sonorous words that would make you shiver. It’s just loaded with so much emotion, and it doesn’t let up throughout all the pages. One thing that surprised me the most was I thought I would be satisfied with how things ended, but instead, I was furious. For reasons I couldn’t understand. So you go read this novel, and let’s be furious together. And then you tell me, why we feel what we feel.

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