Beartown by Fredrik Backman – Review

Publication Date: September 2016


A great hockey player can’t be made from natural talent only. Highly consistent training, that is the real key. Those two make the secret combination to produce a star. A star that the whole town raises its head at with worshiping eyes.

Beartown is a hockey town. And in here, Kevin Erhdal is almost like a God. He’s shown his promise and now, every alley and corner of Beartown has trusted the boy with a burden that him only can bear. Kevin Erhdal is going to save the town from capsizing. He’s going revive Beartown back to what it used to be once upon a time. Busy, and alive. The small city wholeheartedly believes that it only needs one fresh and brilliant hockey team that can actually win the game to continue its breath.

One team worth seeing that people outside Beartown would have to come to the remote area if they want to witness the team’s prowess. And Kevin singularly will take them all to glory once again.

Here in Beartown, Kevin Erdahl is a God. A figure who can’t ever make a mistake. 


Beartown is the first part of a trilogy. It uses hockey as a backdrop, but even though the plot is still deeply interlaced with hockey, there’s a handful of more meaningful premise that is offered to the readers. Advertised with sport vibe I wasn’t expecting the novel to be such a reflective beast, but it definitely is. Several things it has, have changed my perspectives tremendously ever since a couple weeks ago when I finished it.

This is the sort of book that I won’t say I will recommend to everyone, but I’ll absolutely mention it to each of my kindred spirits. The touchy-feely bit might not be for everybody, but anyone with the similar mix of melancholy and rationality like myself would freaking hug Fredrik Backman right now and here.

The book is patient. It has quite a set of characters, complete with stories and personality they rightly deserve. Of course, one or two, or one, particularly stands out, and I think a lot of you will have to agree with me on this, it doesn’t always have to be the lead who wins the favorite trophy. For that, no doubt, is the case with this book. There is this one character, that even if you hate the book, you’ll still love him, and I bet you, you’ll bear anything to keep reading about him.

Tickled? Go find out yourself, and let me know what you think.

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