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After reading six of Christina Lauren’s books, and six weeks of reviewing their books, I figured I would love to write one or two things about their writing-style for you.

So, why they? Because Christina Lauren are two different persons, their names are Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. They met at fanfiction writing online in 2009 and after they’d done fanfiction writing as a duo for a year, they signed with an agent as co author in 2010. They often refer to themselves as CLo.


Together, CLo have written two series, Beautiful and Wild Seasons series, ten standalone novels including Love and Other Words and Autoboyography, and one expected to be published in 2020, The Honey Don’t List.

Their pieces that I highly recommend are Josh and Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating, Dating You / Hating You, Roomies, and Unhoneymooners. The order is not a rank by the way!


Generally, CLo’s books are all light, easy, and entertaining with a little bit of sex interspersed. However, existential crisis does seem to be a constant topic in each of their novels. The female leads almost always suffer some extent of it, therefore besides trying to figure out their love life, they also need to figure things out for themselves. In some of CLo’s books this feels fine, but in some others, it does feel overshadowing the romance a bit.

Other than that, as I’ve mentioned, CLo’s books are simple, cheerful with little to no tears.


There are several romance elements that CLo like to utilize more than others. On top of my head, they always use messages as a part of courting medium. I know, messages are so romantic! And! My favorite part is CLo love to write in switching storytelling style between the male and female lead’s side. I  love love love to know what the male lead’s thinking most of the time!

However though.

Problems I have so far

Reading six books of theirs, I found a sign of inconsistency in the quality of CLo’s stories. Some books are really good, some are meh, and some others are downright dragging. It’s probably a problem shared by all authors in the world but in CLo’s case, I found it quite unsettling, for after reading several books, I no longer know what to expect from their next book!

But all things considered, I enjoyed the ride, and I can’t say otherwise. Whenever you are in need of some jolly, trouble-free romance, you know where to look!

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